Background fills

Sometimes it can be difficult trying to decide on background fills. This quilt was one that I did several different fills on each block. Doing each one different was fine when there was a sashing to separate them. But this section didn’t have the blocks separated so I came up with this idea. One block was pebbled, one block was McTavished and the last block was a combination of both. I like the way it turned out and so did my customer.😀

That’s it for now.



31 day blog post challenge

I haven’t posted anything new for a year. Shame on me! It’s not that I haven’t had anything to post about, I just haven’t done it. So, when I ran across a 31 day challenge, I decided to join in.

My first post will be simple. With lousy weather this weekend, I stayed in and got a lot of quilting done.Here is the stack of quilts from this weekend.

I quilted one with a pattern I hadn’t used before. The pattern is called Papillion, and kind of looks like a squared butterfly.

Ok, that’s it for today’s post.