Silly birds

Some things in life just make no sense at all. Killdeer birds are one of those things. They lay their eggs out in the open and then if you get close to the eggs they act all weird as if they are hurt to draw you away from the eggs. I’ve been watching this bird for the last few weeks, every time I go down the driveway the bird gets up and runs off. Today I decided to stop and find the eggs. (They are between the front of my car and the bird.)

She took off as I came up the driveway, and then when I got out of the car, she came back to get my attention. She acts as if she’s hurt. Squawking and acting like she has a broken wing…..

I found the eggs.

They blend in with the gravel and aren’t very big. I’m going to keep an eye on them and hopefully I will get to see some baby killdeer birds soon. 

Silly birds………I hope they don’t get ran over……..cause you sure can’t see them when you drive up the driveway.


5 thoughts on “Silly birds

    1. alwaysquilts

      They are funny, if it wasn’t for the mother bird you’d never know there were eggs there at all. I’m going to try to look at them everyday. I’ll let you know what happens………..


  1. Jill McCaughey

    We have had the same pair nesting for the last four years in mulch near spruce trees by our house. Yes, it is interesting to watch the parents lure strangers away from the nest. When the babies hatch, within an hour they are up and running around, looking exactly like miniature adults. Keep watching!


    1. alwaysquilts

      The eggs are in the middle of the driveway, so unless someone drives over in the grass, they should be ok. I worry more about the dogs and coyotes eating them.


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