Quilt #2 of the 5 day challenge

Today I decided to show a quilt that I made back in ????? Actually I don’t remember “when” I made it. And does it have a label with the date????? No. So all I know is that it was around 2000-2003 maybe. I  remember designing it on EQ4 when I first started playing around with EQ.
The quilting is from my early days too. 😜

img_3270Anyway, it hangs in my workroom and nobody ever sees it, so I thought I would show it today. Maybe someday I will give it a name and put a label on it.😳……..maybe!

Ok, that’s it for today. Have a good one!


Five day quilt challenge

I’ve been nominated by my friend Barb Eikmeier to show a quilt a day for 5 days. I guess I will start small. I’ve always admired whole cloth quilts. Starting with a blank piece of fabric and having the quilting bring it to life is awesome.

I quilted it a few years ago on my longarm. I have people ask me that when they see it, because it’s only about 6″ square.

I held the can beside it to help show it’s actual size. It was fun to make and maybe someday I’ll get around to making another whole cloth quilt, but until then I’ll just enjoy my mini!


A new gadget

We quilters love gadgets. We’re always seeing something new and just have to have it! So, at this years lock in, one of the ladies showed me a new thing that she had made and I thought it was really cool so I had to make one. Here’s what I needed to make it. 

First I needed a piece of wood. 

 Then I needed a piece of sandpaper that would fit onto the wood. 

 I then painted around the outside of the board and glued the sandpaper onto it.
Now you might be wondering “why” I did this……well, it’s for when you have to mark those diagonal lines when making half square triangles.

You lay the fabric square on the sand paper and it doesn’t move while you mark it. How cool is that?

After you’ve marked the line on your fabric, you can rub the sand paper and the pencil line will be erased.


I don’t know where she heard about this from, but I think it’s really cool. I’m glad I finally got around to making me one of these! Now I need to make a quilt that requires marking half square triangles!! 😀