Design wall 2/8/16 Novelty Fun pattern

I didn’t make any progress with the blue and white rows last week. Guess it’s not crunch time yet! LOL!!

I picked up some cute cat fabric a while back, and I gave a friend a piece of orange fabric. Well, she found the perfect orange that she wanted so she returned the orange that I’d given her. That orange matched the orange cats in the cat print so I decided that I could use our Novelty Fun pattern and make a quick quilt while watching the Super Bowl. The pattern calls for one outside border and I got the 2 side ones put on before going to bed.

I’m thinking that I will add some green to pull out the green in the cat print. So I’ll be making a couple more borders.

The black is rather stark at this point, but once it’s quilted, the thread color in the quilting  will tame the black and it should look better. I hope anyway!! 😳

That’s what’s on my wall this week. To see more walls go to