KS row by row possibilities………….

I guess it’s a good thing about leaving the row by row on my design wall as it  keeps it on my mind. Several years ago I made a quilt from the Wizard of Oz fabric line and I wondered if I had any of the fabric left over and if it would possibly work in my KS quilt. (Since Dorothy was from Kansas.) I had no plans of digging around and trying to find it (since I wasn’t even sure I had any left).

The strip quilt I’m working on has my attention at the moment. I’m not cutting any strips but going through tubs of leftover fabrics looking for strips that are less than 2″ wide. Well, as luck would have it, I just happened to run across the leftover Wizard of Oz fabric! Although there’s not a lot of it, there is more than I thought!! I’m thinking I might add another row to my quilt. Think Dorothy would look good as a row across the bottom? I would have to add to it because it isn’t wide enough.

If I put Dorothy in there, I could use up these fabrics too!

I have one more piece that I fussy cut squares from.

  Sure wish I had the whole piece! 😳 oh well……

Eventually I’ll start working on getting all this put together. For now though, I’m going back to strings. I’m halfway done with them!! Yea!