Design wall 9/28/15 Last 2 blue row by rows

I finally finished making the last rows for the blue and white row by row exchange. 😀 I am so glad they are done! Whew!!

I started out doing EPP and making these. With the plan of making 36………. 

Well, that didn’t happen!! I stopped at 6 and changed my mind on what to make. I decided to do Dresden plate EPP instead. They were much easier and faster!! 

  I made rows for the other 5 ladies and did the exchange. This morning I finally finished my row. Yea!

I had to decided what to do with those 6 stars that I had made, so I decided that since one of the ladies made me some beautiful embroidered heart blocks to work into my row by row, I would make an extra row for her. I came up with a block that worked and added the stars. So, here’s what is hanging on my design wall today. 

DONE!! Yea!!

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Design wall 9/21/15 deer quilt top

I’m happy to say that the deer quilt top is finally finished and ready for quilting! Yea! It outgrew my design wall so I had to lay it outside in order to get the whole thing in the picture.

I’m glad I chose to make the  delectable mountain blocks as a border. I was stumped on what to do in the actual corners as I didn’t want the blocks to just end. So in the four corner blocks. I added a small square to one corner. That keeps the design continuous all the way around, which is what I wanted.

I made a peiced backing out of several cream colored prints, so it’s ready to quilt as soon as I have time for it. 😀

My husband stopped at a yard sale yesterday and picked me up an ironing board. He was so proud of his $5.00 purchase!

The photo on the left is what it looked like when he brought home and the photo on the right is what it looks like now.

I played around and made a cover for it that covered the ironing board part and the top part too because they had glued some foam stuff and the cover onto the wood to hold it in place. I couldn’t get it all picked off. So I just covered it. 😳 Anyway, that’s what I sewed on last night.

My next project needs to be finishing my row by rows.

 We’ll see…….meanwhile, check out what others are up to at


Design wall 9/14/15

My lecture Thursday night went great. I had plenty to talk about and actually had to cut a few things short. Everyone was paying close attention and seemed eager to learn some new tricks and techniques about peicing, pressing and adding borders onto their quilts. 😀

I finished the big custom job I needed to finish and got it mailed back to it’s owner. Yea!

Here lately I’ve been trying to sew for myself on Sunday’s. I did get the quilt sewn together that was on my wall last week. 

Yesterday I decided to come up with something for the back, so I found a couple pieces of leftover wide backing. I cut and peiced them and added the last remaining piece of the butterfly fabric that I used in the top.


More fabric from my stash! Yea!

After that I decided to see if I had anything that would go with the other stash quilt I made. It’s not made with colors that I normally use, so I thought I was going to have to buy something. Once I started going through my fabrics I came up with some yardage, fat quarters and a piece left over from something. I even worked the last strip I had from the fabric in the top.

Both quilts are now ready for quilting! 😀

After that, I decided to start working on the delectable mountain blocks that I need for the border on the deer quilt. So the deer quilt is back on my wall with one border pieced together. 

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Lecture tonight

I’m a bit nervous about guild tonight. I’m doing a new talk on preparing your tops for quilting and then moving into machine quilting them. I have been worried that I could say everything in 5 minutes, but after getting things packed up I don’t think I’ll have any problem filling an hour!! 😳 

I will be showing several of my older quilts that I quilted when I got my first LongArm, 16 years ago. Not exactly the best quilting on them, but hey, you have to start somewhere!!😳 Since most of my nice work has gone out the door with customers, I had to ask a couple of friends if I could show their quilts that I quilted for them. Luckily they said yes! 😀

Hopefully the guild members will leave having learned something new. Whether it’s piecing or pressing the quilt top or choosing thread and quilting designs for their quilt. We will see………….


Design wall 9/7/15 another quick stash quilt 

Last week I showed this quilt that I was working on and I got the borders added so it’s ready to quilt. Yea!!

It was such a fast quilt top to make, I decided to make another one with a yard of fabric I had in my stash. I found a light purple that went with the print and found a dark purple for the sashings and borders. I did the strips a little different this time and it was much faster. After I sewed the strips together and cut the sizes I needed, instead of cutting the side strips the correct length and sewing them on the sides, I sewed them into long strips and then trimmed them. Much faster!!  

Anyway, I did all that in just a few hours yesterday. I have to get back to machine quilting the next several days as I have deadlines on some quilts. So I just hung the pieces on the wall and will sew a few together now and then, when I have a few minutes. Here’s how this one looks. I think I like it better……… 

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