Design wall 9/21/15 deer quilt top

I’m happy to say that the deer quilt top is finally finished and ready for quilting! Yea! It outgrew my design wall so I had to lay it outside in order to get the whole thing in the picture.

I’m glad I chose to make the  delectable mountain blocks as a border. I was stumped on what to do in the actual corners as I didn’t want the blocks to just end. So in the four corner blocks. I added a small square to one corner. That keeps the design continuous all the way around, which is what I wanted.

I made a peiced backing out of several cream colored prints, so it’s ready to quilt as soon as I have time for it. 😀

My husband stopped at a yard sale yesterday and picked me up an ironing board. He was so proud of his $5.00 purchase!

The photo on the left is what it looked like when he brought home and the photo on the right is what it looks like now.

I played around and made a cover for it that covered the ironing board part and the top part too because they had glued some foam stuff and the cover onto the wood to hold it in place. I couldn’t get it all picked off. So I just covered it. 😳 Anyway, that’s what I sewed on last night.

My next project needs to be finishing my row by rows.

 We’ll see…….meanwhile, check out what others are up to at


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