Design wall 9/14/15

My lecture Thursday night went great. I had plenty to talk about and actually had to cut a few things short. Everyone was paying close attention and seemed eager to learn some new tricks and techniques about peicing, pressing and adding borders onto their quilts. 😀

I finished the big custom job I needed to finish and got it mailed back to it’s owner. Yea!

Here lately I’ve been trying to sew for myself on Sunday’s. I did get the quilt sewn together that was on my wall last week. 

Yesterday I decided to come up with something for the back, so I found a couple pieces of leftover wide backing. I cut and peiced them and added the last remaining piece of the butterfly fabric that I used in the top.


More fabric from my stash! Yea!

After that I decided to see if I had anything that would go with the other stash quilt I made. It’s not made with colors that I normally use, so I thought I was going to have to buy something. Once I started going through my fabrics I came up with some yardage, fat quarters and a piece left over from something. I even worked the last strip I had from the fabric in the top.

Both quilts are now ready for quilting! 😀

After that, I decided to start working on the delectable mountain blocks that I need for the border on the deer quilt. So the deer quilt is back on my wall with one border pieced together. 

That’s it for my wall this week. Check out others at


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