Lecture tonight

I’m a bit nervous about guild tonight. I’m doing a new talk on preparing your tops for quilting and then moving into machine quilting them. I have been worried that I could say everything in 5 minutes, but after getting things packed up I don’t think I’ll have any problem filling an hour!! 😳 

I will be showing several of my older quilts that I quilted when I got my first LongArm, 16 years ago. Not exactly the best quilting on them, but hey, you have to start somewhere!!😳 Since most of my nice work has gone out the door with customers, I had to ask a couple of friends if I could show their quilts that I quilted for them. Luckily they said yes! 😀

Hopefully the guild members will leave having learned something new. Whether it’s piecing or pressing the quilt top or choosing thread and quilting designs for their quilt. We will see………….


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