Design wall 3/2/15

I’m almost finished with my latest quilt top. It’s gone together quite quickly actually. I’m trying to use up scraps, and sewing  strings together is like a thoughtless process. I wanted something different so I came up with this. 

All I have left to do is to add the black border. Woohoo! Then I can move on to the next quilt top. Actually, I’ve already started it. No, that’s not true……I’ve started 2 more quilts! LOL!

This one is going to be strings sewn diagonally.

I don’t want the bulk of using muslin for a foundation, nor do I want to take and pull paper after I sew them, so I am using dryer sheets as my foundation. They are thin and are working great!

The other one, is just some strips I sewed together and now I’m making big HST blocks. Pretty simple, just using up fabric.

Well, that’s it for my wall this week. To see more design walls check out

Have a great day!


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