Design wall 4/21/15 HST’s/Log cabin/state block

This last week, I managed to finish getting the log cabin quilt all pieced and ready to quilt, added the last 2 borders on the HST’s quilt top and now it’s ready to quilt. I also finished embroidering the Illinois block.  


Right now the HST’s quilt is still on the wall, I can’t decide which project will go onto the wall next….maybe I should get back to this one……. 

I did make a couple more blocks the other day. Hmm. We’ll see. Anyway, to see more design walls check out


Design wall 4/13/15 log cabin/FG 

I’m making progress! All the rows are completed and on the wall. I almost ran out of room so I couldn’t leave space for the sashings.

I’m hoping to get this finished in time for our local quilt show in May.

I made a little progress on my Illinois block this past week.

I can’t believe how much faster the embroidering is going since I changed from using the embroidery floss to the pearl cotton. 😀


Design wall Monday 4/6/15 log cabin & state birds

I ‘ve been working a bit on the log cabin blocks  this week. I’m putting all 32 together at the same time, so it doesn’t seem like I’ve gotten much done with them.


I’ll be glad when the blocks are done. 😊

I finished embroidering the Idaho block. Yea!! I now have 13 of 50 done. 😄😄😄😄


I’ve got this much of the Illinois block done so far. 


Illinois is block #5 for the year. Woohoo!! I hope I can stay on track with these.

Speaking of tracks…….we went over to my brothers yesterday for Easter dinner and they have the modified race cars ready to start racing this weekend. I had to take a picture of my nephews car. 



See it? LOL!! That location should stay dent free. I hope!!

Ok, well, I guess I’ll get back to quilting now.

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