Design wall Monday 4/28/14 batik borders

I decided on a layout for the batik squares. I ended up with something different than any of the choices I posted last time. Now I’m working on the borders. I have the first 2 sewn on. A green and then a light colored batik. I have it hanging on the wall and I’m thinking another thin green border and then a dark batik. (This will use up the 2 scraps I have of the dark batik.) Then I can bind it with the green and use some more of it.


That’s what’s on the wall. I haven’t sewn on it yet today as I’m busy with a custom quilt job on Millie and a veggie quilt on Viqtoria.

Vicky used all vegetable fabrics in her quilt and I found a panto with vegetables, so that’s what it’s getting. 🙂


I remember when I first started machine quilting and the choice of pantograph patterns was slim. Now they have so many great ones out there that it’s sometimes hard to choose one! 🙂

Anyway, that’s what’s going on here, to see what others are doing check out

Thanks for stopping by!

One thought on “Design wall Monday 4/28/14 batik borders

  1. Your batik quilt is wonderful. At a glance I thought it was HST’s, but love the fabric strips in the triangles. And what a great panto for the vegetable quilt!


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