Fix it, or make a new one?

I posted earlier this week about the fact that I put the pieced border on backwards. I’ve come to the conclusion, that I’d rather start over from scratch and make a new quilt, than to take out the borders and turn them around. I have enough of the turquoise fabrics to make it, I just had to get more for the background. I will have to flip flop the placement of the 2 turquoise colors, but that’s ok. I wanted the same print for the background that I had used before but my LQS was out of it. I don’t like this print as well, but if I turn it backwards and use the wrong side, it’s not as dark.



I was also looking for something to put on the back. I was thinking of a turquoise, but decided to go with a grey when I saw this. The one on the right.


I love the swirls!! I got enough of it to use for the backing on both quilts. Now to get the second one made……….:)


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