Quilt show, pin cushion and a fun day out……

I spent the morning with my sister going to the Eudora quilt show. they had some beautiful quilts!!!

My friend Candy was there selling pin cushions that she makes from salt cellars and other small items. I didn’t need another one, but I love the color of this bird……..so I had to buy it! LOL!


I found a miniature mug in an antique store a while back, and I asked Candy if she could make it into a pin cushion that would look like a root beer float. She said she could, so I sent it home with her. She told me it was done and that she’d bring it with her if I was going to the show. Isn’t it cute? I just love it!!

I now have 4 pin cushions that Candy has made. I don’t need any more. But they are so cute!!!!

Anyway, after we left the quilt show, my sister and I went and ate at Cutters smokehouse. She’d never ate there before, in fact, she’d never heard of it. I wouldn’t have known about it either, but when Sharon and I did our lecture for the Eudora guild, that’s where they took us to eat. They have the best tenderloin sandwiches!!! I could only eat half of mine, so hubby got the other half when I got home. Umm, umm good!!

the other half of the tenderloin was hanging out of the bun too! Huge!

Anyway, it was a fun day hanging out with my sister.

Guess that’s all for now.


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