What’s on the machines 3/20/13

I haven’t had time to write lately. Still working on the opportunity quilt, so it hasn’t changed much. I don’t feel as if I’m accomplishing anything with trying to work on so many different things. I need to finish something! LOL!!

Anyway, today has been a green day! LOL!!

On Millie…..


On Viqtoria…


The quilt on Viqtoria is our lock in mystery quilt “Hawaiin Dream” from a few weeks ago. Vicky already has her top done. She wanted palm trees for the quilting.


Ok, that’s it for now. Have a good day!


Lock in mystery quilt 2013

What a great time we had at our annual mystery lock in. Everyone seemed to like this years pattern. We named it Hawaiin Dreams. Here’s mine done with a dark background.


This is Sharon’s, done with the light background.


Susan got a lot done on hers.


Show and tell was good. Lots of ladies brought in last years mystery, Summer Breeze. I took pictures as they walked around the room.







Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


Design wall Monday 3/4/13

I ‘m back to working on the guild opportunity quilt. I have 1 block made, 11 more to go…….ugh!!


I had a heck of a time getting the pieces to go together to fit onto the embroidered block. The seams aren’t matched up correctly on the block, but what the heck!! The blocks done and I’m not taking it apart again!! LOL!! Once it’s done, it shouldn’t be noticeable. And if it is just don’t look so close!! LOL!!!!!’


That’s it for now. To see more design walls check out http://www.patchworktimes.com


Opportunity quilt progress

I worked in getting more of the opportunity quilt done this week. I have the whole center done.


I worked today trying to figure out the measurements on the rest of the blocks that go around the center block. I thought I had the right sizes but, no, when I made a block, it was off! Ugh!! Then my sister came by and stayed until it was time to go drive the school bus. Once I got back home, my husband decided to take me out to dinner. Finally this evening, I was able to get back to the quilt, and wha-la! I got the sizes figured!! Yea!! Hopefully tomorrow I can get a few blocks sewn together. I think the quilt is going to be beautiful! I hope it sells lots of tickets…… We’ll see….