Class tommorow

I’ve spent most of the day today cleaning my quilting area. It looks nice. LOL!  I wish it looked this nice all the time!

I had to clean because I have a class tomorrow. We’ve had to reschedule this class a couple of times because of snow. Finally, we’ve got past the dang snow!! I’m looking forward to the ladies coming tomorrow. I’ll be teaching my basics class.  I quilted a donation tonight with a quick panto so I would have a quilt ready for binding. I will show them how to put the binding on with the longarm. I hope they learn alot from the class.

I have muslin loaded on the machine, ready for them to get started. I guess now I need to get to bed so that I’m not too tired!

That’s it for now…


What’s on the machine Wednesday, 4/24

Wow, has this been a busy month. So much for my blogging every day! LOL!!

Since it’s Wednesday, I figured I could share what I’ve got on the machine. It’s the opportunity quilt. I’m running out of time on this! Our quilt show is May 4th. Ugh! I have to finish the quilting and then it gets piping, binding and a sleeve. Nothing like stress! I’ve had the hardest time with trying to figure out HOW to quilt it. I just keep doing a bit here and then a bit there and hopefully when I’m done it will look ok. ……..oh my, better get back to it…………..



What’s on the machines? 4/3/13

I thought about challenging myself to write something on my blog everyday during the month of April, but I couldn’t think of anything to write yesterday, so I already blew that idea! LOL! Maybe I can hit ALMOST everyday……we’ll see…….

Here’s what I’m working on now. My customer made it for her churches 60th anniversary this month. I’m almost finished with it, I still have to decide what to put in the thin gold border and fill in the cross and heart in the center. I’m getting close to the end!


I’m in the process of loading one on Viqtoria that will get a panto design on it.


Ok, that’s it for now.


Design wall Monday 4/1/13

It’s empty!! Yea! I finally finished my guilds opportunity quilt tonight, so my wall is empty!!! I was really getting tired of seeing this on my wall. It outgrew the wall after I put the last border on it, so I laid it on the floor and got what I could of the top.


Next step will be to quilt it. I have several waiting with deadlines that have to be done first, so hopefully I will get to it soon.

To see more design walls check out

Have a good one!