What’s on the machines 8/22/12

Here it is Wednesday again. I’m not getting as much quilting done today as I had planned. I got sidetracked this morning with making a couple apple pies.

I love apple pie……..

Anyway, I did finish this quilt and just took it off Millie.



I freehanded babump feathers in a couple of the borders. I meandered them around in the wide border.



I used Glide thread and it just pops on some of the fabrics. I like it……

Now I need to get the next quilts loaded and get back to work.

While I was writing this, my neighbor brought over some cookies.


She makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies I have ever had! Wow. Homemade apple pie and hot from the oven Ch chip cookies……..life is good!!!

Hope you have a great day!!


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