online auctions

I was checking out the new i pads on the internet a couple days ago and when I googled the i pad, I found some auction sites. Not like ebay where you just bid, but these are sites that you have to buy bids. One of them charges $1.00 per bid. They started bidding on an i pad today at 2:00. Here it is  9:00 tonight, and they are still bidding. The price now is at $26.68.  Each bid the price goes up  a penny. That means that they have made $2,668.00 so far on this $499.00 item. I wish I could make money that fast! I’ve checked in throughout the day and watched the names come up on the bidding. I bet some of these people have bet over a hundred times!! Do they realize how much money they are spending? They could buy the item for less that what they are spending on this bidding! This is crazy!! But I have to go back and find out who wins!!!!!


Now it’s up to $29.15 and still going!!

It’s over! The i pad ended up selling for $32.48.  The site made $3,248.00 selling bids. Unreal!!!!! The winner was one that’s been bidding for hours. I don’t know how much of a bargain he got!!! Probably could’ve bought the i pad outright for less money.  8 hours and 10 minutes of bidding.