technology…what an amazing thing

It really is amazing that I can travel down the highway, read blogs, check my e-mail and be connected to the internet all while in the car! I love this. I decided to bring my laptop along on our roadtrip so that I could get caught up on few things. This is nice!

Anyway, I’ve been quilting as much as possible this last week. I finished 5 customer quilts. I also designed a couple of snails trail quilts on EQ. I did 2 different colorways and I like the way both of them look, but I’ll only make one, so which one do you like better?

This is #1

Here’s #2

I’d like to dye the fabric for it, so the colors will be different that what is showing, but I hope it will come out looking similar to what it looks like here. I used 4 shades of each color, going from dark to light.

What do you think? 1or 2?

Let me know your thoughts…………PLEASE???????