Mom’s quilt

I was off work today and I planned on getting the quit finished that’s on the machine. HA!HA!HA! It didn’t happen!!! All I have left to do is the borders. You’d think I would finish it!! Instead, I started my day off visiting Bonnie Hunters blog and website. That got me motivated to go cut some charms squares up for a quilt. Every time I read her blog or go to her website, I end up starting another project. After cutting fabric for awhile, I decided to go quilt on the quilt that’s on the machine. I did quilt for a few minutes and finished the last 2 blocks on the quilt. Then I did one border and took it off, turned it, put it back on for the last 2 borders. I did half of one border then decided to work on my Mom’s quilt. I had the rows sewn so I put the sashing strips between them and added the borders. Here it is

I bought the kit for this, but I didn’t care for the whirlwind blocks that were in the kit, so I changed it around. I bought extra fabric that wasn’t in the kit so that I could make it the way I wanted it. I had extra little blocks so I put them in the corners of the border. I like the way it came out. Now to get it quilted………. I do have time, as I plan to give it to Mom for Mothers day. Well…..I’l have time if I ever finish the one that’s on there now……LOL!!!!!


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