busy month

I see I haven’t posted anything all month! I’ve been quilting like crazy trying to get quilts done. I’ve also been trying to get 2 of my own pieced. We are having a polkadot challenge at guild on the 10th of April. I have the quilt for that together, except for the borders. I still need to get them put on. I doubt if I get it quilted before the meeting.

The 12th of April is the day that me and my friend host a mystery lock in. We have 66 ladies signed up for the class. Sharon got the lap size quilt made and I did get it quilted. I’m making the full size. I have the rows pieced, now I just need to sew them together and get the borders on. This year Sharon designed the quilt, so I haven’t been as stressed out as I have in past years.

I need to quilt 2 quilts that ladies have made from past lock ins so that they will have them for show and tell. Oh…….I need more hours in my days.

Anyway, that’s it for now.


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