fun afternoon

What a fun afternoon I had! I wrote about going to Italy a while back on my blog, so if you read it you’ll understand this……. Jill was here in Kansas this weekend and Pam brought her to Leavenworth today. They were going to come by my house but they’d been hitting quilt shops and were getting hungry and so I just met them in town and had lunch with them. We talked about our trip to Italy and got so excited. Jill was telling us about people and places and things we could do…….I can hardly wait!! Then we went to the LQS in Leavenworth and I’ve quilted several of the quilts there so Jill loved seeing them. She even had to buy one of my quilt patterns, then laughed and said that “now she knows a designer too”. We all laughed about that!!!!!!  It was fun getting to know Jill better. I had only met her in person once, and then it was when Pam brought Jill and both of their husbands to pick up some quilts. We only got to talk a little bit.  I enjoyed today and getting to know Jill better. She’s sooooo nice!!!!!! I’m so looking forward to going to Italy  this fall.  I hope everything works out for it.

I hope your day was as nice as mine!!


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