Pantograph or edge to edge designs

I often wonder when choosing an all over design just what will look the best on the quilt. Today I had a quilt that had long white background strips with turquoise strips in between. The long strips of color are actually rectangles, in a variety of shades, as we’ll as the whites. I decided to go with a circle pattern in the quilting. I love the way it looks!


I quilted it with pale aqua thread color.


I can’t show much of the custom one I’m working on. Just a peek…..


That’s it for now. Thank goodness tomorrows Friday! It’s been a long week!!!


“Go challenge” quilt

 My friend Joelyn  Feverly decided to enter the AQS “GO challenge” contest. Here’s her quilt.

i phone pictures 3-13 1646

She brought the top to me to quilt and I was like “oh wow…….what am I going to do with it?

As time went on and the deadline for entry drew near……… I finally came up with an idea. I tried several different things but with the hearts set as they were and not much space between them, I was very limited on putting designs around the hearts. I ended up going with feathers here and there.  Some hang down, some don’t………….

i phone pictures 3-13 1643

i phone pictures 3-13 1645

i phone pictures 3-13 1662

With the heavy quilting in the center, I had to have something for the border, so I quilting lines, and lines and lines………

i phone pictures 3-13 1659

After giving it back to Joelyn, she scalloped the borders and put a piping on it. Here’s the pic she sent me.

i phone pictures 3-13 1668

I am proud to say that it WON the “Out of the box quilting” award in the contest!!!!!  I really did go out of the box trying to come up with the quilting designs for it!! I was afraid it would look like %$#%$^$ but it didn’t. It’s making it’s debut at the AQS Grand Rapids quilt show this weekend. It will then travel for the next year or so to several other AQS shows. So if you go to an AQS show where they have the “GO have fun challenge quilts”  check it out!

Ok that’s it for now……..


Storm at sea quilts

I finished the 2nd Storm at sea quilt that I needed to quilt. We were all together at Houston when we bought the kits for these quilts. Pam and Doris bought the same size kit so I have them hanging side by side over the machine to show how each one was quilted. Doris told me how she wanted hers done but Pam said do whatever on hers. She got circles with seahorses in the center. Hope she likes it!


Maybe if I had bought the bigger size kit, mine would be done too! But oh-NO, I bought the miniature. It’s been rolled up for months. I do at least have part of it sewn……

I didn’t realize just how small it is until I laid it beside Pam’s!! Wow.

Speaking of Pam, I have another of her quilts done for her. It has lots of feathers.




That’s it for now…..


The quilting

I finished the quilting on the guild opportunity quilt, I haven’t taken time to show how it looks with the quilting. I did lots of feathers on it. I knew I wanted feathers in the purple points around the center block.


After doing all the purple pointed areas, I put in a background fill of just random stuff. I did the outside border next because I knew I was going to run a continuous feather all the way around the quilt.



That left only the side setting triangles left I quilted and I wasn’t sure what to put in those areas. Finally I decided that since I love quilting feathers……..yep, I put feathers in them! LOL!!



Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing the pics. Ticket sales were great at our quilt show last weekend. The drawing is in November. I hope I win!! LOL!!!!!

That’s it for now………..


The back of the quilt!

Sometimes the back of the quilt looks as good as the front!! LOL!! The back is sateen.




Here’s the front. I showed the center a few days ago. My customer picked it up today and loved it! That always makes me happy!!


I love filling those odd shapes with feathers. Can ya tell!?! LOL!!



I finished quilting my lock in quilt today and I’ve got the binding sewn on, now just need to turn it over and stitch it down. Yea!!

That’s it for now!


What’s on the machines 2/20/13

Wednesdays are my days that I try to show what’s on the machines. Today almost got away from me before I remembered! LOL!!

I finished this one this evening on Viqtoria. It’s Bonnie Hunters scrappy Bargello pattern made by my friend Vicky.


This is the one on Millie. I have the center done and the pieced border is quilted. I’m going to add more feathers in the space around the center design. As you might know, I love feathers!! LOL!!


Ok that’s it for now. Have a good one!


What’s on the machine’s 2/13

I’m in the process of loading both machines, so I’ll show you what I’ve finished lately instead. How’s that? LOL.

Here’s Barb’s sampler quilt. It’s quilted with a feather panto pattern. The top has been hanging at Bits and Pieces in Eudora. It’s a BOM they’re doing. It will go back to hang in the shop as soon as Barb gets her binding done, but now it will be finished. 🙂


I think the feather design looks great on it.


Here’s the latest of the Christmas Peace quilts. I finished it yesterday. I did the first one back in October so that Windham fabrics could have it in their booth at Houston. Then I did 2 for Quilters Quarters and now this last one is going to Windham again. I guess this one will be traveling to Spain. The pattern is a block of the month and I believe it starts in May.


A few close up shots.





Ok, I better get back to work. Have a good day!


Basket quilt

Ok now, everyone sing!

A tisket a tasket, a green and yellow basket. LOL!!!

I’ve been working on this basket quilt today and that crazy song has been stuck in my head!

Of course after quilting several rows, I changed the words to…..

A tisket a tasket, I’m tired of seeing BASKETS!! LOL!!!!

It’s good to see the end is in sight! 🙂



Design wall Monday 2/4/13

Another Monday rolls around. I have all the blocks made for the lock in mystery, but I can’t show them. I worked more on the blue jeans quilt yesterday. I had all the small blocks made so I sewed them into larger blocks.


I made 16 of them. Then I cut fabric to cover the seams. I ironed some of them into 1/2″ strips.


Here’s how the finished block will look.


That’s what I have on my design wall this week. Actually, it’s on the table. LOL! 🙂 to see more design walls check out

I also quilted my blue stars quilt yesterday. Now for the binding…….


That’s it for now! Have a good one!


What’s on the machine 1/30/13

I have so much that needs to be done that I never feel like I have the time to stop and blog. Today, I’m taking a break and blogging a bit about what’s going on…..

Millie has another Christmas Peace on her. This is a BOM that will be offered this year.


I’m getting ready to load this on Viqtoria. Such a cute quilt!


I haven’t worked any more on my guilds opportunity quilt but I have sewn all the blue jeans into blocks. 64 of them.


Next step is to make strips to cover all the seams.

I’m sewing on my lock in quilt too, which needs to take priority as I have to have it finished by March 9th. Here’s a sneek peek at a bit of what I’ve sewn so far.


That’s what’s going on today.

Have a good one!