Design wall 6/27/16 string quilt borders

Just a quick update here on my design wall today. I planned on getting all the borders sewn on yesterday but we ended up taking a 4 hour road trip to visit relatives. It was a nice day even though we came through rain on the way home. This cloud was pretty neat looking.

It was just a long narrow cloud going acros the sky underneath all the other clouds. Once we passed under it the sun came out. We were hoping that it might have rained at home while we were gone, but no……still dry as a bone. Oh well.

I grabbed my current state bird embroidery block as we went out the door, so that I would have something to work on in the car.

I got the bird done. 👍🏻

I really need to get back to working on these blocks more often. This one is Kentucky……..if I ever make it to the M’s, they’re going to take forever, with all the states that start with M.😳

Anyway, back to my design wall. I had a little bit of time after we got home last night to at least get the first 2 borders sewn on.

I’m going to put a solid black border on next, to finish it off, then call it done. So that’s my wall, to see more go to


50 state bird blocks

Every now and then I decide to work on these blocks again. I finished Delaware this week after working on it for……hmmm…..I don’t know how many months!!

I started out using 2 strands of embroidery floss, which was a pain, pulling off 2 strands each time I ran out. I was also marking it with a white chalk pen, which would wear off as I worked, so I had to keep remarking the design.

I wasn’t making much progress on these blocks. I’ve been working on them for years! Anyway, I bought this somewhere and decided that maybe if it looked like the 2 strands of emb. floss, I could switch over and use it instead.

I sampled it, and decided it was close enough, so I used it to finish the Delaware block. I was able to finish the last of the block a lot quicker than when I was using the emb floss. I also started marking the blocks with a friction pen. That way I don’t have to keep remarking. Last night I marked the Florida block and got this much done.

I’m hoping that I will stick with this project now and get several blocks done before it gets set aside, again! 9 down 41 to go!! 🙂