String quilts on my design wall

I just finished piecing a blue table top string quilt. I had made a wall hanging size string quilt previously using this layout. This time I made it a tad bit smaller and used only blue fabrics for the strings. Here are both of them along with the beginnings of my temperature quilt.

I plan to have this available as a pattern soon. For now I just look forward to finding the time to get them quilted.

That’s it for now!


John Wayne quilts

I love John Wayne westerns, so does my husband. When I saw that a fabric company was coming out with a John Wayne fabric I thought “cool”, I need to make my husband a John Wayne quilt!

I thought that I could find the fabric at the Houston quilt show, but no such luck! Apparently EVERYONE LOVED THE FABIC!!!So there was none to be found!!

After returning home from the show, Doris found it online and ordered the kit. She gave me the website she ordered it from but I had spent my wad at Houston so was dragging my feet on ordering the kit. I wanted it but…………

Anyway, Doris secretly made her quilt and told me that she had a lot of fabric left over from the kit and that I could probably get another quilt from it! I then ordered the panel and one yard of fabric. Using the fabric I ordered and Doris’s leftover fabrics, I was able to make my husband a quilt. We both gave our husbands their John Wayne quilts for Christmas and they were blown away!! I even managed to quilt them without my husband seeing them.

Doris’s quilt, made from the kit.

My quilt, made from leftovers and an additional yard of fabric.

Both our husbands LOVED their quilts and were totally surprised on Christmas morning!! 😀


10 minute project

I started these blocks back in ’99. Wow! Where have the last 21 years gone????? I’ve decided that they are going to be my 10 minute a day project. What I do for that is to pick a project and dedicate 10 minutes to it each day. This is what I had on January 1st.

After working on it 10 minutes a day for the last few days, I have made a bit of progress.

I am doing the 50 states and birds. This is the Michigan block which is number 21 (I think) of 50. I have a long way to go!!

Wish me luck on someday finishing it!! LOL!!


Temperature quilt

Have you heard of a temperature quilt? I hadn’t until I was over at my friend Barbs house and she had one on her design wall. She explained what they are and told me to check them out online. Wow! I found all kinds of different ways that people are making them. Basically what you do is have a color assigned to different temps and then you sew your pieces together according to what the temp is for that day. Some do high temps while others do low temps and some do both. Barb is doing low temps and she is following the pattern of Linda Lehn.

After looking at numerous temperature quilts, I started going through my stash. I’ve been trying to use up my stash over the last several years so I don’t have a lot to choose from, but I did find a roll of 2 1/2″ strips of Kona solids and a few more solids.

I decided that maybe this will work if I give each strip a 2 degree number. So I made a chart and picked out 47 strips. (Most temp quilts aren’t made with that many colors) I am hoping that we don’t have more than 17 days with the same temp!! 😳

I found this quilt and am hoping that by using 2 1/2″ squares, I’ll have enough… I hope!!

Here is my layout of colors. Going from 0-100 degrees.

I numbered the end of each strip since I am using so many different colors.

Here is the first week of January.

Have you made a temperature quilt??