Design wall 3/27/17 Midnight Magic-gelato style

I am making progress on using the gelato fabric with our Midnight Magic pattern. It was easier than I thought it would be. After I made all the blocks and side triangles I sewed them into the rows and put them up on my design wall. 

Did you notice it??? I didn’t until I had the first 3 rows sewn together! Ugh! I was on my way out of the room and heading to bed when I saw it…… first I thought, maybe I could leave it and nobody would notice it……….but I couldn’t do that………so today my agenda started with fixing it.

After taking the square out and turning it the correct way. I got it sewn back into the top and now I can move on feeling much better knowing that all pieces are turned the correct way.

Hoping to get the other 3 rows sewn together tonight and then it’s border time.

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Working with gelato fabrics

I love gelato fabrics. Some people refer to them as ombre’s,  but they are the fabrics that gradiate in color. 

I am drawn to them, but often wonder just how they can be used in making a quilt. If you do appliqué they are wonderful because you can get several different colors from one cut of fabric. But for those of us that are not appliquér’s  we need to find a way to use them.

I have made a few quilts using the gelato fabrics, but they’ve all been simple designs. This time, I am making a more challenging quilt using the gelato fabric. It’s our Midnight Magic pattern.

I was able to cut out the pieces using the different shades.

I will put it together using a marbled fabric as my focus print.
I think it will work. I have everything cut,  so it’s time to sew! I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

To be continued……..


Design wall 3/13/17 more fun with strings & Triple play quilt

Life’s been busy the last few weeks and I haven’t had (or rather taken) the time to post anything. I did finish my Triple play quilt top and it’s quilted and bound. Yea!

We held our annual mystery lock in day earlier this month. Everyone was busy sewing all day and appeared to have a great time. We had lots of show and tell of last years mystery quilt, Knotty Times.

Also lots of Midnight Magic quilts from the 2015 lock in. 
It’s always fun to see all the different colors that the ladies use. They all look great!!

We are hosting another mystery day next month so  you’ll have to stay tuned to see our latest mystery quilt.

I finally got back to working on a new string quilt and I am currently sewing the rows together. It’s on the design wall this week. When I get time I will finish sewing them together and get the borders added on.

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