Our youngest quilter

Each year Sharon and I hold our mystery lock in. We have quilters of all ages and skill levels attend. It’s a fun day for all! Two years ago, Hannah (age 11) came and sewed with her granny for a while. She enjoyed her time and told her granny that she wanted to come back the next year and do the mystery quilt.  Her granny decided to sign her up and Hannah was then our youngest paid attendee at 12 years of age! When the time came, she picked her fabrics and started sewing her quilt. She sewed on her quilt that day and enjoyed her time with all the other ladies that attended. Her granny told her that she’d have to finish last years mystery in order to do next years mystery quilt so she  went to granny’s house yesterday and finished sewing her quilt!  Hannah (age 13) 

Her 2016 mystery quilt, Knotty Times,  is now complete and ready to be quilted!

What a great job Hannah did in picking out her fabrics and sewing them together!!! I’m looking forward to seeing what she makes next year! 

Here’s her granny’s quilt.

Both quilts are great! It’s so fun to see quilters of all ages come together and have such a great time! Hannah and Doris, both quilts are beautiful! Thanks for joining us at our lock in and sharing your work!! 

The pattern Knotty Times can be found on our Etsy and Crafsty stores.


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