Design wall Monday 9/22/14 fabric…….

Earlier this year I sent in a book proposal to Martingale Publishing Co. Much to my surprise, they accepted my proposal and I am currently working on writing, and getting the quilts made for the book. So this past weekend I finished up one of the quilts and designed a baby quilt. Today I got the baby quilt cut out and sewn together. I would love to show my work on the design wall…………but……………sorry, you’ll have to wait for the book! LOL! I can tell you that I have a cute little baby quilt top hanging on my design wall. 🙂
I picked up several baby/kid print fabrics over the summer knowing that I had to make a couple of baby quilts. I decided to use this one first.

That’s it for me today. Better get back to work, that deadline is fast approaching!!
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Have a good day!

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