Design wall 6/30/14 big blue blocks

I sewed the strips together that I cut last week. I put what would fit up on the wall today to take the picture.


I decide to make 25 blocks for this quilt. The rest of the blocks didn’t fit on the wall.


I’m not going to frame the blocks like I did on the purple one.
I’m planning to put a 1″ sashing between the blocks. Hopefully that will happen this week.

Meanwhile, my 10 minute a day squares are getting made too. I figured up that I will need 181 squares. I have 100 made with 81 left to go!


That’s it for my design wall this week. To see what others are working on check out

Have a good day!

Purple scrap quilt

In my quest of trying to use up my stash, I am making progress! I cut up 14 purple fat quarters for this one.
I got the borders put on it today, now it’s ready to quilt.

This is the second quilt that I’ve made from my stash by using this block. It’s a fast block to make so I thought about how to do another quilt using this same block.
I decided to use my blue fabrics. I cut what fat quarters I had and then cut up different scraps of blues. I needed to have 200 pieces cut. I cut them in sets of 50’s and I’m now ready to sew.

In looking for blue fabrics to use, I came across some boxes of fabrics that I didn’t even know I had. Good grief! This is actually ridiculous. It’s no wonder I was running out of room!!
Ok, well, that’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I am determined to use my stash!!


Scrappy blue squares/borders are on

Woo Hoo! Finally got around to getting the borders added on. My goal was to have this done in July. Since I made it my 10 minute a day project, I now have it ready for quilting! 🙂 ahead of my goal date!! Yea!


I’ve made quite a few of these squares while working on the blue scrappy quilt. I think I’ll start doing it as my 10 minute a day project next.

It uses up those scraps that aren’t big enough to use in anything else. I even used a few pieces that were left over from a strip quilt.


That’s it for now. Have a great day!

The Quilted Fox shop

I’m spending the day on the road today. Left early this morning to head to St. Louis, Mo. We stopped in Columbia on our way and shopped at the Appletree quilt shop. That’s a favorite of mine. I stop there every time I pass through town!
Before heading back home, we decided to go on the south side of St. Louis and visit the Quilted Fox quilt shop. It’s different from any shop I’ve been in!
Here’s what you see……
The entrance-


Inside the door-


Down the hallway (after taking the elevator up to the 2nd floor)-


Inside the window-


The entrance-


That’s it for entering the Quilted Fox. Not at all what I’m used too! I’m a country girl heading back home now. I just thought I’d share some photos with you, in case you’ve never been to a quilt shop in a ritzy area. You can at least say you’ve seen pictures of one!! LOL!!

I should add that they were really nice and have a large fabric selection!! I found just what I needed!

Better get back on the road……

Design wall 6/9/14 Row-by-row

I didn’t have a lot of sewing time last week, so my rows didn’t get finished on the scrappy blue quilt. I had to take it down off the fall and finish my Summer Row by row quilt top.they are due at guild this week, so I finally got the top put together.

The top row had a lot of white background, so I planned from the start to add something there.
I put a partial umbrella. What do you think?

I appliquéd it on over everything, then did some fancy machine stitches to make it look like an umbrella.

I didn’t want to put a lot into it, just wanted it done!! Now I can get back to my scrappy blue rows! 🙂

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Design wall 6/2/14 assembling the rows

My goodness, how did we get to June already? Time sure flies by fast!

I have had a busy week with lots of sewing and quilting getting done. I hope to get this off my design wall this week.

I am excited to finally be sewing the rows together! I have half of them assembled!! Yea!! Once they’re done, I’ll sew the sashing strips to go in between the rows. I have them cut along with the cornerstones,


I’ve also made more squares for the basket weave quilt that I’m working on.

They are so fast to make. I’m not using a foundation for them, I just cut strips around 7″ long or so (I don’t measure them) and just sew them together until they are at least 6 1/2″ wide.

Once I get the strips sewn together, I trim them to a 6 1/2″ square.

These will go on the wall as soon as I finish up the scrappy blue quilt that’s on there now.

I also pieced my ‘Gelato” quilt last week and it’s going on the machine today for a quick panto.


Ok, I guess that’s it for now. I’m ready to get to quilting. Be sure to check out more design walls over at
Have a good day!