The Quilted Fox shop

I’m spending the day on the road today. Left early this morning to head to St. Louis, Mo. We stopped in Columbia on our way and shopped at the Appletree quilt shop. That’s a favorite of mine. I stop there every time I pass through town!
Before heading back home, we decided to go on the south side of St. Louis and visit the Quilted Fox quilt shop. It’s different from any shop I’ve been in!
Here’s what you see……
The entrance-


Inside the door-


Down the hallway (after taking the elevator up to the 2nd floor)-


Inside the window-


The entrance-


That’s it for entering the Quilted Fox. Not at all what I’m used too! I’m a country girl heading back home now. I just thought I’d share some photos with you, in case you’ve never been to a quilt shop in a ritzy area. You can at least say you’ve seen pictures of one!! LOL!!

I should add that they were really nice and have a large fabric selection!! I found just what I needed!

Better get back on the road……

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