Packing for our lecture/trunk show

Sharon and I are headed to Salina, Kansas tomorrow to give our lecture/trunk show on mystery quilts. We love visiting guilds and meeting all the great quilters. Quilters are the nicest people!

Anyway, I’m packing up my quilts into the suitcases and boy that’s a job in itself!! I keep them all laid  out on the bed in the guest room until it’s time to pack, that way they don’t have fold marks on them. Last month we spoke at the Lee’s Summit, Missouri quilt guild. After the program, they laid the quilts out over the chairs, which allowed the ladies to get a better look at them up close. They had already folded a few of them before I snapped a picture, but here’s most of them. We show about 45 quilts.

We’re booked to go to Florida in October, so after this program I have to take pictures of each quilt and get them all put into a power point presentation, since we can’t take all of these on the airplane! lol! Could you imagine us traveling through the airport with 10 suitcases???? lol!!

Ok, guess I better get back to packing. Breaks over……


Quilt show, pin cushion and a fun day out……

I spent the morning with my sister going to the Eudora quilt show. they had some beautiful quilts!!!

My friend Candy was there selling pin cushions that she makes from salt cellars and other small items. I didn’t need another one, but I love the color of this bird…… I had to buy it! LOL!


I found a miniature mug in an antique store a while back, and I asked Candy if she could make it into a pin cushion that would look like a root beer float. She said she could, so I sent it home with her. She told me it was done and that she’d bring it with her if I was going to the show. Isn’t it cute? I just love it!!

I now have 4 pin cushions that Candy has made. I don’t need any more. But they are so cute!!!!

Anyway, after we left the quilt show, my sister and I went and ate at Cutters smokehouse. She’d never ate there before, in fact, she’d never heard of it. I wouldn’t have known about it either, but when Sharon and I did our lecture for the Eudora guild, that’s where they took us to eat. They have the best tenderloin sandwiches!!! I could only eat half of mine, so hubby got the other half when I got home. Umm, umm good!!

the other half of the tenderloin was hanging out of the bun too! Huge!

Anyway, it was a fun day hanging out with my sister.

Guess that’s all for now.


Vintage sewing machines

Our summer vacation this year was a quick trip out west to Port Townsend, Washington. We landed in Seattle and visited the Space Needle before heading north to Port Townsend, which is an old historic town. We went into an antique store one morning and they had several old sewing machines. I was surprised at the brands of the machines.

We’ve all heard of Singer………

but a Zenith???? I know they make TV’s…….

How about a Western Electric????

or an Elgin???


Those were all in the Antique store. Across the road there was an old garage with antique cars in it. We went inside to get a good look at the ’65 Mustang and there were 2 old sewing machines in there!

This one says German on the tag, guess that’s why I’ve never heard of it.

This one came from the ’60’s. Ever heard of a Morse???

It’s probably a good thing we were flying, or a couple of these might have came home with me!!

So, have you heard of any of these machines?


Design wall Monday 7/8/13

I’ve had this pattern for probably 10 years, with the plan that someday I would make it.

My original plan was to use 30’s fabrics like the pattern shows. I almost gave the pattern away thinking that I’m never going to make it. But then one day I wondered how it would look with a black background and hand dyed fabrics for the paper pieced pieces. Once I decided to do it that way, I was ready to get started on it. Here’s what I have so far.

I’m liking it so far! Looks like after all these years, it might get made…………

So that’s what’s on my design area. To see more walls, check out


Have a good one!