6 weeks and counting

Gee, I can’t believe that 6 weeks from today Pam and I will be heading to Italy!! I’m so excited!!!

I had  backpacks made for me and Pam to carry (in place of our purses) while we’re traveling. Several months ago the speaker at our guild was showing quilted purses and bags, so I asked if she could make a couple for me. I quilted the fabric and gave it to her. I just got them back! Yeah!!  She did a wonderful job of making them.

They are pretty big, so we should be able to carry a lot in them. More than in our purses.  We are limited on how much we can take with us. I suitcase and one carry on each. After that they charge.$$$

We can unzip the zipper and it becomes a backpack.

It also has pockets around the inside. I don’t know what pattern she used, but I could find out if you’re interested in making one for yourself.

Well, I quess that’s it for now.

Have a great day!