Black vs white background

Since I decided to do the 31 day blog challenge, I’m having to come up with topics to write about. After looking back through my pics from the last year, I came across a quilt I had made earlier this year and then did the same design on the blue string quilt that I just pieced. So my question to you is….which do you prefer?

This quilt is made from a variety of different colored strings with a black background.

This one is the same pattern but I only used blue fabrics with a white background.

So…….which one do you like better???

I like the……………🤭


Blue scrap quilt

Sharon and I were in Ark City, Kansas last week (Sunday and Monday) for a program and workshop. We had a great time with wonderful ladies! I took my blue scrap quilt along and worked on the binding in the car and
whenever I could find a few minutes here and there. I finally finished it after getting home.


Another quilt made from my stash! Yea! I have several more ready to cut and I came up with a few more ideas today. My stash is dwindling and I am happy!!! I hope I can continue. 🙂 This is fun seeing how much I can use.

That’s it for now.

Design wall 6/30/14 big blue blocks

I sewed the strips together that I cut last week. I put what would fit up on the wall today to take the picture.


I decide to make 25 blocks for this quilt. The rest of the blocks didn’t fit on the wall.


I’m not going to frame the blocks like I did on the purple one.
I’m planning to put a 1″ sashing between the blocks. Hopefully that will happen this week.

Meanwhile, my 10 minute a day squares are getting made too. I figured up that I will need 181 squares. I have 100 made with 81 left to go!


That’s it for my design wall this week. To see what others are working on check out

Have a good day!

Scrappy blue squares/borders are on

Woo Hoo! Finally got around to getting the borders added on. My goal was to have this done in July. Since I made it my 10 minute a day project, I now have it ready for quilting! 🙂 ahead of my goal date!! Yea!


I’ve made quite a few of these squares while working on the blue scrappy quilt. I think I’ll start doing it as my 10 minute a day project next.

It uses up those scraps that aren’t big enough to use in anything else. I even used a few pieces that were left over from a strip quilt.


That’s it for now. Have a great day!