50 state bird blocks

Every now and then I decide to work on these blocks again. I finished Delaware this week after working on it for……hmmm…..I don’t know how many months!!

I started out using 2 strands of embroidery floss, which was a pain, pulling off 2 strands each time I ran out. I was also marking it with a white chalk pen, which would wear off as I worked, so I had to keep remarking the design.

I wasn’t making much progress on these blocks. I’ve been working on them for years! Anyway, I bought this somewhere and decided that maybe if it looked like the 2 strands of emb. floss, I could switch over and use it instead.

I sampled it, and decided it was close enough, so I used it to finish the Delaware block. I was able to finish the last of the block a lot quicker than when I was using the emb floss. I also started marking the blocks with a friction pen. That way I don’t have to keep remarking. Last night I marked the Florida block and got this much done.

I’m hoping that I will stick with this project now and get several blocks done before it gets set aside, again! 9 down 41 to go!! 🙂