Organ donors

This post has nothing to do with quilting. It is the story of my Aunt Kathy. I remember as a child visiting Aunt Kathy and her house was always spotless. She always had a pitcher of tea made in the fridge. She took her boys to the pool, so she always had a nice tan. She was a red head! So the tan was always awesome. Me being a red head was that I would burn, peel and turn white!!! I don’t know how Aunt Kathy did it!! But she did. He also told me that some day I would love being a red head! Well, my hair is turning white, so it doesn’t look red anymore. I never did like being a red head…..and it’s not red anymore. So Thank God for that!! Sorry Aunt Kathy! LOL! I never did like being a red head!!

As time went on…..She dealt with breast cancer and concurred it. Later she needed a lung transplant……luckily she was given the opportunity to receive a new set of lungs. Her donor Todd was such a blessing to our family. Because of him we received an additional. 19 years with Aunt Kathy!!

Cancer took her from us this past week. I have felt both a blessing and a sorrow this past week. The sorrow is losing her and the blessing has been the 19 years that she received because of her donor Todd. I love you Aunt Kathy