Design wall 1/26/15 fabric and block

There really isn’t anything exciting on my wall this week. I’m still trying to use up my stash so I found a beautiful floral print but only had one yard of it, so I cut it up and that’s what’s on my wall.

I’m going to frame the blocks and add a Sashing. It will look similar to the California quilt that I made last year but won’t be as big because I only had 1 yard of fabric. I don’t really care what size it ends up as it will just be a lap quilt and the fabric is so pretty I don’t want to cut it into small pieces.

I am also making progress on my Georgia block, I didn’t get it done in two weeks like I did Florida but it’s coming along.


I guess that’s it for today,to see other design walls check out


Design wall Monday 1/20

I somehow managed to get myself involved in working on my guilds opportunity quilt this year. Joelyn does beautiful machine embroidery, so she has all the embroidery done. Sharon used EQ and got the pattern all worked out into the correct sizes. Now it’s time to piece it together. Here’s the center block. It measures like 24″ square.


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