Design wall 7/21/14 basket weave quilt

I had time last night to work on getting some of the rows made on the basket weave quilt. I decided to make the rows and sew them together as I get them made instead of making all the rows and then sewing them together. Here’s what I have so far.

I have almost half of the rows completed. Depending on what size I make the borders, it will end up being approximately 100″ square.

I’m also playing around with a piece if Florida fabric. Not to sure about this…….not exactly coming out like I planned, but we’ll see.


That’s it for what I have on my wall this week. To see other design walls go to

Hopefully tonight I can work more on my rows, for now I have to get back to customer quilts. Have a good day!


Time to sew

Woo HOO! I sewed the last of the squares together today and now it’s assembly time!! 181 squares!
They don’t look like much stacked up in a pile.

The setting triangles are cut too. I will decide on the borders later. Hopefully I can get some time this week to assemble this. I am glad all those squares are done. 🙂

More to come later……

New scrap quilt

I have a bad habit of “starting” quilts! I’m trying to get the ones finished that I’m currently working on but the fabric pile of leftover strips is sitting there piling up, so I decided to start sewing them together. Bonnie Hunter has a pattern called Basket Weave Strings. My daughter made one several years ago and I always liked hers, so I decided that it was time I made one for me!
I’m not using a foundation like Bonnie shows, I’m just sewing the strings together, then cutting them into the squares. I hope to make one square a day. I made 2 last night and 1 today. We’ll see how it goes. I made the first 2 blocks too dark, so I have to remember to use lights in them.


I’m caught up on customer quilts that need pantographs done, so I got both my batik ones quilted. Binding attached and ready of be sewn down. That makes 4 needing the binding sewn down. I might have to break down and do some by machine, if the pile gets much bigger.


I also finally finished quilting the huge Generals Wives quilt that I’ve been quilting. 125″ square. This is the last one on my list. I’ve done about 7 of these. 3 of them being king size! Whew!!


That’s it for now.