The Intelliquilter……

I only use my IQ for pantographs so I’m not real experienced at it. Once in awhile I do just a bit more than a pantograph though. It’s usually only when I CAN’T do a regular edge to edge panto. Anyway, the quilt I loaded today has a flange along the border, so, no edge to edge. Darn! I came up with a panto that worked well on the inside but I was stumped on what to do with the border. I decided that I could go around in the ditch and do like the piano key border but the double line. Anyway, I was going to just go over the corner blocks as part of the continuos border, then at the last minute it dawned on me that I could put part of the panto pattern in the blocks and make them fit! Duh!! How simple was that!?! Here’s how it looks so far.


Back to work now!


MQS win

I decided to enter my little miniature wholecloth in the MQS show and guess what? It got a second place ribbon! I was shocked! A friend of mine was there during the judging and she told me later that some ladies were talking about my miniature and they were saying that “oh, it’s digitized” she didn’t say anything but she knew better. 🙂

Here it is with the ribbon, hanging at the show.